The Importance of Having the Right Motivation For Starting a Business?

April 30, 2013 in Super Inspirations


Successful entrepreneurs are rarely motivated solely by money (Donald Trump, ERON’s top executives, and Bernie Maddoff are good examples of men motivated by making money at all costs.) Successful entrepreneurs achieve wealth because they believe in what they are doing and inject personal core values into how they build a business: Wealth is their reward; not their god.

Having a true sense of pride and belief in your own company and products will convey in everything you do. Your passion and confidence will get other people – customers and investors – excited about the business and you will have an easier time establishing your business’ credibility.

If your only goal is to make as much money off other people as fast as you can, eventually you will make business decisions for the wrong reasons and ultimately hurt your reputation and growth potential.

If your motivation is to start a business doing something you are passionate about with the goal of turning into a full-time living, you are likely to suffer from fewer emotional setbacks and entrepreneur burnout when you find out it takes time to build independent wealth. You will be more patient with yourself and your business as it grows, and, will make better business decisions.

Business owners that are exclusively motivated by money often have unreasonable expectations of getting rich quick. When monetary goals are your only important goals, you will miss out on the many other rewards of being self-employed including sense of accomplishment, purpose, and the rewards of knowing you are doing something worthwhile with your life.

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