Countries can’t change women

December 5, 2013 in Super Inspirations

Having travelled around, being a housewife as well as a corporate worker, being single then married and then a mother, during this journey, I have met so many women, some who became really good friends, some were just casual talkers whilst some who envied me. But when I think about them all, I realised how many things were just common about them all.

In some countries, there are women who really want to do something different in life however are held back by domestic issues or lack of support. To succeed they have to go against the society as well as the family, the path to their goal would involve things a women wouldn’t normally do in certain countries. Their aspirations are just shattered even before they shape. Their dreams just stay within them forever and ever just because they are not strong enough to fight the world and follow them.

On the contrary, in some countries where women enjoy the same status as men and have the freedom to do whatever they want, they still tend to be unsatisfied with their life, depressed and confused. They enjoy all the luxuries of life, go out partying, wear expensive clothes and accessories and show off all the things they have been up to on facebook, they appear to be the luckiest woman on earth but in reality they are so unhappy and lonely. They want to break free from their material life but they can’t let go. They have their dreams too however fulfilling them simply seem impossible as it needs a lot of effort, and these women are so depressed that their life just revolves around the TV, the computer and binge eating and they don’t know how to spare time to achieve their goals.

But basically, although women from different continents have a different way of living, they are actually going through the same…
All are unhappy with their current situation, all want to change and all want to do something that could make their life worthwhile. The only thing they lack is motivation and self-determination. Life is tough at all stages, but to face the challenges and achieve your goals, sometimes you have to take risks, work hard and make an effort.

Many women just moan about things but are so laid back and procrastinate that they can never change the situation. They complain that they don’t have time however most of them are either browsing social networking sites or are shopping or in another scenario doing the laundry or feeding the family. To change your life you have to get up and make the time, focus on your goal and the steps you have to take in order to achieve your goal. You have to switch that T.V off or sleep an hour less, then only can you achieve something in life, just dreaming about something isn’t enough you have to wake yourself up and work hard to fulfill it.

Seek inspiration and guidance from women who are successful in their career, try to understand how did they manage the stress of a routine life as well as climb the ladder of success by focusing on their goal. Life is too short, start living it now.

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