General fitness is a state of health and well-being and all individuals should aim to be fit as even though we have all the luxuries of the world if our body isn’t fit we won’t be able to enjoy any luxury at all. Unfortunately the obesity rate is increasing rapidly and women are just not giving any importance to taking care of their body. Especially after pregnancy, women think they would never be able to look as good as they were before, but there are so many fitness options available which are fun as well as effective that you should definitely try them out

We should all try to do at least some jogging or cycling 3 times a day, to improve our cardiovascular fitness. Yoga is also recommended for mental fitness.

Fitness however is a vast field with so many different areas to consider, some of them are below:

The best way to experience these areas is to join the gym, if you thinking that the gym membership is too expensive then try comparing it with the money you may spending on medical issues like back problems or arthritis. Working out with the other gym members will keep you motivated to achieve your goal

If you want to do much more then basic fitness exercises and are considering becoming an fitness instructor as you enjoy it so much, then you must first decide your area of interest and then join a fitness class as you need to understand the basics as well as teaching methods. You can either work as an instructor at a gym as there is always a lot of demand for this or you could even consider opening your own specialized fitness centre.

This is one of those skills that is always beneficial to have so don’t waste any more time and start looking up the nearest gym to explore the different areas of fitness.

Join the fitness group and share some tips and techniques with the other members of upload your own exercise video!